Vinyl Wrapping your car is not only stylish but can also protect your car from minor scratches. As with any custom job, you must take appropriate steps to make the wrap last. Follow this guide for quick and simple tips on how to make your vinyl car wrap last longer.

Over the past few years, a preference for vinyl car wraps over paint jobs has been seen. This may be because of the benefits of getting your car wrapped or because of the many customization options available. If you have decided to get your car vinyl wrapped, then you must have all the information on what to do after it is done. Worry not, we have covered the basics of caring for your vinyl-wrapped car in this article. So, read on and practice the tips provided diligently.

What Is the Purpose of a Vinyl Car Wrap?

Let’s face it, a paint job is expensive and can take days to finish. If the paint on your car is ruined in any way, it can have a huge impact on the resale value of your vehicle. One way you protect your car’s paint, and value is by getting a vinyl wrap. It operates like a protective layer against scratches. With a vinyl wrap, you have greater customization options than paint. And the result will be close to a premium quality paint job- if done by professionals who know what they are doing.

Another benefit is that the wrap layer is easy to remove and, if done right, does not harm the paint underneath. So, if you have had a change of heart and would like to remove the vinyl cover, then it is an easy and simple process.

How Long Does a Vinyl Car Wrap Last?

On average, a vinyl wrap lasts about 5 to 7 years. If your vehicle is used often, then chances are it will only last for 5 years. But, if your vehicle is often parked indoors, then it avoids damage from the sun and air pollutants. With the tips provided in this guide, your vinyl will hopefully reach the 7-year mark- and then some.

Tips on How to Make Your Vinyl Car Wrap Last Longer

To increase the life of your vinyl wrapping it is important to carry out proper maintenance. If you have a warranty, we recommend you ask your vinyl wrap installer for guidelines before anything else. Do this to avoid any issues with claiming your warranty, if the need arises. Secondly, the installer knows what kind of vinyl they have used and what the proper measures are.

In this blog, you will find answers to some common questions that apply to most vinyl car wraps. Read on below to find out how to maintain your vinyl car wrap.

How Often Should You Wash a Vinyl Wrapped Car

Often. At least as often as you would wash a paint-job car. We recommend you follow the below-mentioned procedure once a week if the vehicle is often in use. If not used often, then twice a week will do. It is necessary to remove any contaminant from the vinyl ASAP to increase its life.

How to Wash a Wrapped Car

I have two words for you: Hand wash. It may be a pain but you must hand wash your car to prevent damage to the delicate vinyl wrap. Do not, and I repeat do not, take your car to a carwash. The bristles and brushes can scratch the coating. And the strong chemicals used in the car wash will cause the colors of your vinyl to fade. And the strong water pressure can cause the vinyl wrap to lift from the edges.

Products for Cleaning Vinyl Wrapped Cars

The best materials for cleaning a vinyl-wrapped car are a mild detergent and soft microfiber cloth. You can use any pH-neutral car washing detergent. Just make sure that the product does not include wax.  Some cleaning detergents for wrapped cars you should see are:

To summarize, you need the following products for cleaning a vinyl wrapped car:

How to Wash Vinyl Wrapped Cars

Follow these steps to wash your wrapped car without damaging it,

  • Park the car away from the sunlight.
  • Rinse the car to remove dirt or grit.
  • Clean the tires first.
  • Scrub the car using the detergent solution and sponge.
  • Rinse the solution immediately, do not let it soak*
  • Use the squeegee to dry the car quickly or use the cloth to dry.

*The vinyl layer is permeable to water. So, soaking it in soap water will loosen the adhesive, locking the vinyl in place.

How to Clean off Bird Droppings and Bug Splatters

It is not uncommon to find bug splatters on your hood or droppings from a generous bird. With painted cars, it isn’t much of an issue and you can take your time cleaning them off. But with vinyl-wrapped cars, time is of the essence. You must clean these off as soon as you get home. If the stains have dried, then we suggest you follow these two simple steps:

  • Add some mild car washing detergent to warm water.
  • Gently scrub the stained area until clean.

If the marks are a bit too stubborn for this method, try a different product like denatured alcohol. Again, you should keep your vinyl-wrapped car squeaky clean to improve its life.

Should You Use Wax to Clean Vinyl Wrapped Car

The answer is: ask your installer. Some are steadfastly against using wax and only recommend soap water for cleaning. Others will allow waxing and polishing. Since there is a bit of a question mark here, it is best to confirm with the professional who did your car.

Should You Park in the Sun

No. While sun rays don’t peel or fade the finish of your vinyl, extended exposure to UV rays and environmental pollutants does have an effect. When heated under the sun, these pollutants on your vinyl wrap reduce its durability.


Vinyl wrapping your car is a popular choice nowadays, especially for brand advertising purposes Proper maintenance is necessary to keep your brand ambassador in good condition for several years. We have provided information on what steps to take to make your vinyl car wrap last longer. We hope this was helpful.

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