How to Start Learning VA for Amazon

How to Start Learning VA for Amazon

Amazon has 98 million monthly users and over 6.3 million sellers. While sellers love to get new customers, they can’t handle everything themselves. It’s where virtual assistants, VAs, come into play.

Virtual assistants bridge the gap between sellers and customers by helping sellers do different tasks. These could range from upscaling the business to supplier sourcing and managing inventory. In return, VAs get paid for their service.

While all this seems lucrative, understanding and learning VA duties is often tricky. This article will help you start learning VA for Amazon.

Skills Requirements for Being an Amazon VA

Amazon Virtual assistant is not an Amazon employee. Instead, it means working with independent sellers and helping them solve their administrative, technical, and creative problems. While tackling the customer’s queries constitutes the remaining chunk.

All this requires specific skill sets. We have enlisted them under two categories.

  • The first one is general organizational skills. These digital versions of interpersonal skills help you become a good VA and get more clients.
  • While the second category deals with technical skills. These are a direct metric of your abilities as a VA and tell that you’re worthy of spending money.

General Skills

Not just for Amazon Virtual assistant, but these skills help you in every aspect of life. However, these take time to master. So, be patient and get ready to face the world.

Good Communication

Regardless of the technical knowledge, you won’t be making money if you cannot convince a client. So, communication is essential to get your foot across the door.

You should never brag about skills or distinctions as a good communicator and an exceptional VA. Instead, focus on communicating how your skills or certification will be helpful for clients.

Showing modesty is also a part of good communication. This sets the expectation bar low, which you can easily overcome by under-promising and over-delivering.


Since Amazon VAs create a sound and sustainable income, the competition is booming. Showing exceptional work ethics is only the way to set yourself apart from the crowd.

Good work ethics include taking responsibility, keeping the client updated, delivering on time, and respecting other team members. Patience is also an essential part of professionalism. Although it’s easier said than done, always try to abide by these rules.

Computer Skills

Using Chrome or Logging into the WordPress dashboard are not the skills we are talking about. But the advanced skills make the workflow easier.

These could include spreadsheet and G suite usage, website creation, email communication, and hardware knowledge. Plus, automation software and shortcut computer key knowledge will also decrease your workload and put you ahead of others.

In short, don’t just go with ordinary computer skills; focus on skills that can make you stand out.

Technical Skills

Good communication and computer skills might get you the job. But the inability to deliver what is promised will expose everything. So, a grip of technical knowledge is required for being an Amazon VA. These include:

  • Product Research.
  • Finding Suppliers.
  • Listing Products.
  • Finding Keywords.
  • Inventory Management.
  • Using Ads and doing promotions.
  • Launching the Product.
  • Account Maintenance.
  • Order Processing.
  • Business scaling.

Initially, you must learn all of these. But with experience, you develop a better grip on some. Those will be your essential technical skills.

Resources to learn Amazon VA skills

To master these skills mentioned above, choosing the right resources are critical. While most of these resources only cover the technical aspect of being an Amazon VA.

It’s also important to actively learn good communication and practice professionalism. Here are some excellent resources to start learning VA on Amazon.


YouTube is the freebee resource to learn everything required for being an Amazon Virtual assistant. While there might be some long videos covering all the VA skills in a single video.

Identifying individual skills and watching 4-5 videos from different channels is best. This way, you’ll have various opinions and learn more than just watching a 10-hour long monotonous video.

But learning from YouTube can be both confusing and effort-taking. Therefore, you must be a self-learner and detail-oriented to learn VA for Amazon from YouTube.

Private Courses

Newbies, who don’t want to put in the effort to sort things out, can simply join a VA course. Frequently, these courses have the same content as on YouTube. But these are just better organized.

Typically, a VA course can cost anywhere between $20 to $300. Often, VA courses are not sold separately. Instead, they are combined with the Amazon FBA course. You can see many of them on Udemy, Coursera, and promoted on YouTube Ads.

While we don’t encourage taking these private courses, as 95% of the information is already free. But if someone wants a systematic step-by-step guide, you can probably then spend money.

Facebook Groups & Forums

Facebook groups and forums are not the active way to learn Virtual assistance for Amazon. Instead, it focuses on solving the problems you face while learning things.

However, forums and groups are often the sources to break something new. So, get in touch with these when you start learning VA for Amazon.

Amazon Virtual Assistant Salary

So many factors influence the salary of Amazon Virtual Assistants that it’s almost impossible to predict the exact number. Experience, number of hours, and skills are most important.

On average, Amazon VA earns around 15$/hour in the U.S, while the average is low for other countries. So, with that figure, a VA salary can be about $3000 for 50 hours/week of work.

Making Money as an Amazon VA

It’s a two-step process. The first one is to find clients that need assistance. The other is to get the work done and get paid.

You can find clients on LinkedIn or on any freelance Platform like Fiverr and Upwork. While the freelancing platforms are good places to start, LinkedIn is a better choice. Clients work long-term and pay well.


Amazon Virtual assistance is a risk-free but effort-taking job. You can either start it as a side-hustle or learn the business aspect of starting your own private label.

Regardless of the purpose, Amazon VA is an excellent way to start freelancing. But, keep in mind to face some fierce competition.

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