How to Overcome Fear of Roller Coasters

How to Overcome Fear of Roller Coasters
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A roller coaster ride may be terrifying if you’re not a fan of extreme motion or heights. On the other hand, the adrenaline rush you feel will be worth the fear. Your pals want to spend the evening at the amusement park, but you have a serious phobia of heights and are therefore unable to join them. Read on for some helpful advice if you’ve ever wondered how to overcome the fear of roller coasters.

What Is The Fear of Roller Coasters Called?

Coasterphobia is the unexpected word for fear of roller coasters. Even if you’ve always been afraid of roller coasters, you may learn to overcome your fear and experience every thrill at your favorite adventure park.

There are hundreds of millions of annual roller coaster riders, yet it’s difficult to know how many individuals are afraid to ride. You’re not alone in your aversion to roller coasters, which experts consider a common phobia.

How to Overcome Fear of Roller Coasters

If you’ve concluded that your fear of roller coasters is not based on serious health issues, you may want to work on alleviating or getting over it. Fortunately, there are ways to overcome your fear of roller coasters and even develop a fondness for them.

Figure Out What Makes You Nervous

Think about what it is about the ride that makes you feel scared and reluctant to get on it. You may not like or desire to experience terrifying rides for various reasons. It might be the ride’s height, speed, curves, falling sensation, or a previous traumatic encounter on a ride.  When you know exactly what it is that scares you, and you may work on conquering that fear one step at a time.

Take in some visuals of the ride and see where it goes. Explore your fears by imagining yourself in extreme situations, such as being sideways on a roller coaster. The best way to experience the ride is to imagine what it would be like to be on it.

Find out as much as you can about the trips. Take a close look at the scare tactics and the safeguards. Once you know how the rides function and what they can do to keep you safe, you can relax and enjoy them without worrying.

Do Some Research

Although it may seem dull initially, delving into the specifics of what worries you is a great way to lessen anxiety about the unknown. If, for whatever reason, the prospect of a roller coaster ride fills you with dread, you might find it helpful to watch footage of other people experiencing the ride online so you can anticipate what will happen next.

Knowing what to expect can help you enjoy the roller coaster ride instead of fearing it.

A ride’s safety features can be researched in advance if a ride’s potential risk is discouraging you from trying it out. In this manner, you can board the trip assured that your safety and security will be prioritized.

Smallest To Biggest Roller Coaster

Another useful piece of advice is to ride the roller coasters in size order. Doing so will prepare you for the more challenging roller coasters. Get ready for the massive roller coasters by doing this. Somebody afraid of roller coasters will be permanently traumatized if they are forced to ride the biggest one first. So that they are prepared for the big one, you have to break them down gradually.

Share Your Story with Others

Each year, millions of people of all ages enjoy themselves immensely on roller coasters. There is nothing to be afraid of on the roller coaster but plenty of excitement. Talking about it with specialists is a terrific method of getting engaged and thrilled with roller coasters. Also, chat to others who were terrified but now adore them, as it will assist you to see what you need to ride.

Get opinions from people you know who like roller coasters and personnel at the park’s entrance which also like roller coasters. Inquire which rides are the most thrilling and which are best avoided. Another nice option is to ask folks about their initial roller coaster adventure. You can have a fair notion of reasons to prevent on your first trip.

Get Support

You can also lessen the impact of your first roller coaster ride by surrounding yourself with encouraging friends and family members before, during, and after the experience. Having loved ones around to support and comfort you might make facing your fear much easier.

Having someone who has gone on the ride is helpful since you can pick their brain about anything related to it. Tell them that you have a fear of roller coasters and that the first ride can be uncomfortable for you.

Get together with several pals who you already know, share your fear of roller coasters, and brave the rides together. Friends and family that care about you will be there to assist you to feel more at ease and get through your anxiety, and they will be so pleased with you when you succeed.

Keep A Straight Posture

To prevent being sick or dizzy on the roller coaster, it’s best to sit properly by keeping your back straight and your neck and shoulders towards the headrest or as directed by the park’s staff. Keep your muscles from tensing up by reminding yourself to take deep breaths throughout the trip.

Whenever uneasiness or vomiting threatens, try breathing in through your mouth and out over your nose.

Brace Yourself

Fans of roller coasters generally despise the use of lap bars and other restraints that force them to sit in one place for the duration of the ride. We long for the luxury of floating weightlessly through the air. Most newcomers aren’t prepared for this and would rather play it safe.

The lap bar should be lowered as far as it can go. A tighter lap bar won’t prevent you from falling out of the roller coaster, but it might assist ease your mind.

The Bottom Line

As a first step in conquering your fear, it is recommended to read up on the science behind roller coasters. In order to determine if your anxieties are justified, it is important to learn how a roller coaster operates.

Take some deep, slow breaths to help you relax whenever you ride a roller coaster. Don’t let your breath out while the roller coaster travels up and down. In time, you won’t be afraid of the ride at all but will instead look forward to it.

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