How to Decorate Outdoors for Christmas on a Budget

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Over time, people’s focus has shifted dramatically from celebrating Christmas and enjoying time with loved ones to outdoing one another in terms of holiday expenditures. Forgoing Christmas decorations this year isn’t a must, fortunately.

Instead, you can make various beautifully original DIY Christmas decorations for the outdoors. Here are several fantastic Christmas décor ideas that can help you get ready for the holidays in style and on a budget, from reusing old bottles to utilizing Christmas lights in creative new ways.

Use Hanging Snowflakes

Dollar stores and discount retailers are great places to look for inexpensive plastic snowflakes. You can use them in their natural crystal or white plastic form or give them a more expensive appearance by spray painting them silver or gold.

As soon as you have your snowflakes and have colored them (if you so choose), you can hang them all over your patio utilizing a fishing line or rope for a more rustic feel. Having your kids help you paint and glitter them up for display may be a fun, creative activity.


Garland is a traditional Christmas ornament that can instantly transform any surface into a more joyous celebration. Choose from real or artificial pine or fir garlands and garlands that come pre-decorated with lights, pine cones, or other holiday trinkets. This can be a fun DIY project, but if you’d rather save time and money, premade garland in the design of your choice is available in abundance at most craft stores.

To add an unmistakably festive touch to your yard, drape it over entrances, trellises, patio fireplace crown molding, windowsills, or anything else for an instant aesthetic upgrade.

Using Pallets, Paver Stones, Pool Noodles, and Other Materials for Crafting

Dollar stores are great places to stock up on supplies, such as pool noodles to use as huge lollipops. Create outdoor ornaments for trees using pallets and other bits of salvaged wood. Decorate the tree with lots of colorful lights and ornaments. An option is to use inexpensive patio paver stones and paint them to resemble snowmen or other holiday characters.

Boxwood Christmas Tree

Why not construct a tree out of spare wood that can withstand the wind, rain, and snow? DIY board trees are inexpensive, entertaining, and simple to create. With a saw, turning a pallet into a tree is a breeze. Green paint and some lights would make it glow beautifully! Instead of using a saw, you could decorate a green tree on the pallet.

Check Garage Sales For Supplies

The best place to find unique and vintage Christmas decorations is at a garage sale, yard sale, or family sale. The nicest aspect is that folks sell their old Christmas decorations for little money.

This may be the greatest method to affordably decorate your yard for Christmas if you have a penchant for bargains and are willing to sacrifice some of your weekends to sift among the number of garage sale finds. You can use several colored ribbons to decorate a Christmas tree with them. You can easily find ribbons on sale for a few pennies.

Hang Some Hand-Made Stars

Put a star or two to show visitors where to go this holiday season. Create a star shape with the wooden dowels by arranging them and then connecting the ends with the florist’s wire. You can embellish one end with wire and beads or artificial berries.

Complete by adorning the stars with a sprig of eucalyptus. Display them in the window for onlookers to enjoy, or hang them in the stairwell so that they may be seen by night as they move in the direction of the stars.

Upcycle Jam Jars into Votives

Glamour your preserves by decorating jars with eco glitter and a touch of plant mica or sand. To make a glittery jar bottom, tape off a little glass, coat it with adhesive, and then dip or shake it in glitter. After it has dried, take off the tape. Put in some sand or grow mica and insert a candle. Adorn the peak with string and embellishments for a complete look.

Use PVC Sweet Sticks

Decorating with PVC is simple and economical. The poles for your candy canes can be fashioned from 6″ PVC pipe lengths, which you should purchase. Put white or red paint on PVC elbows and screw them to the tip of each pole. Finish off the effect by tying a red or white rope around the poles.

Construct several candy canes of varying heights and arrange gift boxes around them. Put one on either corner of your front door, or set them up against porch columns. Candy canes can also be illuminated from within by stringing outdoor lights through holes drilled into PVC.

Reuse Furniture Pieces

Older furniture has a certain charm. The good times of yesteryear may well flood back in your mind. Put a wooden chair, stool, or tabletop out on the porch and decorate it for the season. Put some pine cones (and maybe a sprig of holly for color), some ornaments, some throw pillows (with burlap covering), and whatever else you have lying around in a painted planter pot.

Frosted Spheres

Use cheap frosted globes, which can be found at the shopping center, to create the illusion of snowfall without exceeding your budget this Christmas season. You can choose from various colors while shopping for these ornamental lights.

Their roughly two-inch diameter and soft, welcoming glow create a lovely ambiance. Mini LED string lights are another option; they are bright, come in various colors, and may be used indoors or out. Metallic sphere-shaped string lights are another option for decorating. Making the lights twinkle is another cool way to add something classy.

Can I Use Bethlehem PA Christmas Decor Ideas for Decorating Outdoors on a Budget?

Yes, you can use Bethlehem PA Christmas decor ideas for outdoor decor on a budget. Incorporate the charming Christmas activities in Bethlehem PA into your outdoor decorations with DIY crafts, thrift store finds, and creative lighting displays. Embrace the festive spirit and bring the magic of Bethlehem PA to your own backyard.

Using String Lights

Creating a joyous ambiance in your garden or yard does not have to blow the budget. Lighting up your outdoor or interior space with string lights is quick, easy, and budget-friendly. They make any room feel more intimate and inviting.

As a bonus, they look great when hung in windows to create an inviting atmosphere. Adding string lights to your home is a quick and easy way to update its aesthetic for any holiday. Hanging string lights with clear tape is another alternative. Using this tape, it will appear as though the lights have adhered to the wall.

Find tape that can support a significant load, and use that. Some of them have a weight capacity of 15 pounds. Several of these tapes are weatherproof and can be used outdoors, making it easy to hang lights on a balcony or patio regardless of the weather. Please remember only to tape the light bulb’s wires and not the actual ones themselves.

The Final Thoughts

The topic of how to affordably decorate the outside of your home for Christmas has been solved in this article. We hope this post has given you some inspiration for Christmas decorations that you can use this year!

It’s gratifying to put effort into decorating the outside of your home because you know others will notice and appreciate it when they stroll by or slow down to take a closer look at it from their cars.

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