How to Decorate Stairs for Christmas

Decorated Stairs for Christmas

Need a Christmas staircase decoration idea? Here are our favorite ways to deck the halls during Christmastime. Traditionally, an evergreen garland wrapped over the handrail of a stairway is the most common pick for Christmas decorations.

You may have planned to decorate your Christmas tree with lights and put several ornaments around it. But how do you plan to decorate your stairs? Still, you can customize this classic Christmas decoration independently instead of attaching golden decorations or red velvet knots. We hope this post inspires you to decorate your stairs for Christmas.

What goes Excellent with Stairs Decoration?

Festive Wreaths

Regardless of the occasion, a wreath is a perfect accessory. They are suitable for placement on any flat surface, including stairs. A wreath hung on the pillar at the top of the steps or several put along the railing could be a nice touch.

Classic Garlands

Because they may be draped over the railing or placed at the foot of the banister, garlands are an excellent method to frame the stairs and draw attention to their unique shape and design.

Tree Ornaments

Stairs can also be decorated with holiday cheer with dangling globes, stars, and other tree trimmings. If you have some decorations you won’t use on the tree, this is a fantastic way to put them to use.

String Lights

Without twinkling Christmas lights, the holiday season just isn’t complete. The stairwell would be an ideal location for them. The lights can be twisted around the handrail, incorporated into a garland, or simply draped over the stairs to create a waterfall effect.

Cozy Candles

Candles are a wonderful way to make your home feel more festive and welcoming during the holiday season. Place some at the foot of the stairs, either individually or in a cluster, and along the fence.

The Look: Traditional Glamour

This transitional entryway’s stairway sparkles with gold and dark merlot blossoms, making for a spectacular Christmas display. Install a beautiful pine garland along your staircase’s handrail to replicate the classic appearance. Light up the pine needles and make a bright base for the rest of your decorations by weaving twinkling incandescent lights along the length of the pine garlands.

Next, you’ll want to attach burgundy poinsettia blossoms to the garland, and then you may fill in the space with a combination of glittery gold ornaments. To finish your Christmas staircase, intersperse glimmering gold and red berries sprigs among the pine needles for a luscious, more-is-more holiday look.

Adding a Twinkle

When designing the staircase for the holidays, just as with any other part of the house, lighting is essential; putting up some string lights, a lovely garland, and a few one-of-a-kind felt Christmas decorations require very little time or work and is the obvious choice.

It’s important to have adequate lighting, but not so much that it overpowers the brilliance of the strategically arranged string lights. Adding silver and gold decorations to the room will give it a dreamy, otherworldly feel and increase the attractiveness of the fluttering lights.

Whether it’s the steps to the floor or the magnificent spiraling stairs in the front, sprucing them up for Christmas will make a huge difference. It’s a sculptural focal point that always draws attention wherever it goes.

Bows with Baubles

The bow symbolizes Christmas and the joy of opening presents on Christmas morning. Bows can be tied at the edges of the railings or around the balusters. If you’ve hung the fences with greenery, you may provide a striking contrast by attaching red bows at regular intervals. To inject personality, tie bows and attach ornaments.

Marquee Letters

You can get the same intimate feel from marquee light-up letters as you would from candles, plus you can use them to spell out a message. Pick out some yellow-lit letters in red, green, or gold and put one at the top and bottom of each set of stairs. “Ho ho ho,” “Merry Christmas,” and “Let it snow” are just a few examples of words you can spell. Depending on the number of flights of stairs in your home, there are various possible expressions.

Cozy Fur Stockings

Instead of the usual garland on the stairs, try some smooth white stockings to provide a touch of coziness and warmth. Rope, twine, or ribbon can fasten the stockings to the baseboard trim. This playroom’s stairway, decorated for Christmas, fits well with the existing furnishings.

The two secluded alcoves feature plush pillows, throw blankets, and lighted accessories to create an inviting atmosphere.

Place 1-2 Wrapped Presents on Each Step

Try to stick to a monochromatic color scheme for your gifts, such as red and white. Wrap each present in as many bows and ribbons as possible, then stack a few for added merriment. Keep them off to the side so no one trips over them.

Add Mini Evergreens Along the Steps

Search for little evergreen plants in pots. You can use gauze, linen, white cotton, or multicolored cotton to make square wraps for the bottoms. Next, fasten the fabric in place using the ribbon or string. Put one on every other step or on each step as needed.

Just make sure all the fabric is in the same color family! Alternatively, you may try some poinsettias in miniature planters. However, as this plant is harmful to most animals, you should probably stick to imitation blooms rather than risk harming your pets.


Decorating a Christmas tree with ribbons is very common and traditional. But the ribbon may be used to decorate the staircase in a flash, bringing seasonal happiness to the home. Pick out a wide, wired ribbon so it may be readily shaped. Over a flocked garland, we like to use ribbon with silver, glittering accents. Coordinate the style with wall art and freestanding ornaments in complementary hues to pull everything together.

The Final Thoughts

We bet this post has helped you figure out how to decorate the stairs this holiday season. Traditionally, an emerald garland looped over the railing of a stairway is the go-to Christmas ornament. However, you can put your own spin on this classic by embellishing it with modern touches like silver pendants or red velvet ties. We hope this post will inspire you with some inspiration for Christmas banister decorating.

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