How to Use Essential Oils in the Shower

Use Essential Oils in the Shower
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Various essential oils are available for better health, comfort, and lifestyle. People add these oils to their skincare routines, cleaning supplies, and baths to live a more natural and soothing life. Most don’t have time in the day to carry out aromatherapy or draw up a long (often wasteful) bath. But, most people don’t realize they can use essential oils in the shower too! But with this guide, you can turn a mundane shower into a spa experience in minutes. We have curated the most feasible tips to achieve this. Read on to find out how.

5 Ways to Use Essential Oils in the Shower

Life can be hectic. There is only so much time you have to yourself. More often than not, you skip the self-care regimen and try to catch up on missed sleep. Utilizing essential oil in the shower is a quick way to do something nice and refreshing just for you. With these tips for using essential oils in the shower, you’ll enter a world of relaxation.

Add Essential Oils to Your Shower Gel and Wash

Whether you take a 40-minute long shower, or a short 10-minute one, you will apply cleaning products. This is why adding your preferred essential oil to your soap, body wash, or shampoo is a quick hack for refreshing showers.

Before adding essential oils, read their label for dilution instructions. We recommend diluting the oils at a 3-5% ratio. Then add 18-20 drops of essential oil per 1 ounce of your body wash. You must also make sure the body wash formula allows this addition.

You can also find wonderful essential oil blends based on what mood you want for yourself.

Enrich Your Hair Care With Essential Oils

You can add essential oils to your shampoo and conditioner too. It work on the same principle as the body wash but the amount is a bit less for these products. Add 5-6 drops of essential oil per 1 ounce of hair products.

You might think that doing so will leave your hair oily. Fear not; after rinsing your hair, it will look healthier and shinier than before. Essential oils also helps in speeding up the hair growth and makes your scalp healthy. Some of the oils you can try are tea tree oil and basil oil.

Using a Spray Bottle

This method is perhaps the easiest. With a perfect blend captured in a spray bottle, you can transform your showering experience immediately. Here is what you need:

  • Spray bottle (8 oz)
  • Warm water (5 oz)
  • White Vinegar (2 oz)
  • Preferred Essential Oil (20-30 drops)

Mix the ingredients in the bottle in the mentioned quantities. Turn on your shower and allow the washroom to fill up with steam. Then shake the bottle and spray the mixture around you. It will mist up and mix with the steam creating a natural aroma around you. Take deep, calming breaths and enjoy.

Utilize Your Shower Floor

Yes, you read it right! You can even use your shower floor to add to the spa experience. All you need to do is plug the drain and allow water to collect. But be careful of letting it overflow. Then proceed to add 10 drops of essential oils to the gathered water. With this method, you can treat your feet to a pick-me-up. From sore muscles to callouses, your feet will be thoroughly relaxed. Lavender and Tea tree oil are excellent choices for this tip.

DIY Tea Ball Diffuser

Another simple trick is to make your own essential oil-infused tea ball diffuser. You will require Epsom salt for this to work, so keep it at hand. Here is what you need to do:

  • Take a tea ball and fill it with Epsom salt.
  • Add 6-8 drops of your preferred essential oil.
  • Place the tea ball in a shower caddy, or hang it from your shower head.

This tip is perfect for enjoying the dual benefits of essential oils and Epsom salt.

All of these tips are only just the tip of the iceberg. There is a whole world of DIY aromatherapy using essential oils yet to be explored. However, we have gathered the best tricks for using essential oils in the shower for a relaxing experience.

How to Pick the Right Essential Oils

We’ve talked about how to use essential oils in the shower, but which one do you pick? It depends entirely on your mood and how you want to feel. Below are some common essential oils and their benefits.

  • Energizers – Feeling like you need a boost of energy? Citrus-based essential oils like lemon, lime, and grapefruit are a good choice. You can also try Basil and Rosemary oils.
  • Congestion – Stuffy nose bothering you? No worries, eucalyptus or peppermint oils can soothe that sinus cough. Pine and lavender essential oil are good options too.
    Relaxation – Who doesn’t want to feel relaxed after a shower (or in general)? You can use spearmint, lavender, or bergamot to de-stress and enjoy the rest of your day.
  • Anxiety and Sleep – You can try using essential oils to calm your anxious mind and get a good night’s sleep. Lavender oil is the best option in this case.
  • Headache Relief – Nothing is worse than having a pounding headache throughout the day. But before you go for medication, a warm shower might do wonders. Peppermint, spearmint or rosemary essential oils are a good choice.

Now you can make an informed decision on which essential oil is best suited to your shower needs. You can also use these oils in other creative ways to elevate your daily living.

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