Dribbling is the first thing that comes to our mind when we think about Soccer, right? Most of us don’t remember a player based on the goals he scored, but we do know if he is a great dribbler or not.

Dribbling is not just showboating, it’s a basic skill that every soccer player should master. Tomorrow you’ll be remembered for your dribbling and how great you could dance with the ball at your feet.

Dribbling helps you move the ball around the field. It will help you hold possession throughout the game, it’ll help you to attack and even score a goal as the ultimate prize.

There’s a lot that comes with Dribbling, but first, you need to master it. Do you want to learn how to be a perfect dribbler? Want to know the tips & tricks followed by popular soccer players around the world?

Then this article is the one you need, simply follow this step-by-step tutorial on how to dribble. You’ll understand the trade behind Dribbling once you’ve reached the conclusion.

Common Dribbling Mistakes to Avoid

player dribbling a soccer ball

Before we get to the tutorial, you must be aware of the common dribbling mistakes made by most soccer players. Well, even you might be making these mistakes without realizing.

So, get to the mistakes and it’ll automatically help you steer away from them and enhance your dribbling skills.

Mistake 1 – Using the Wrong Part of the Foot

One of the common mistakes that most of the new players make is using the wrong part of the foot to dribble. Remember, you’re dribbling to get past a player with the ball, not to get yourself in a clutter.

When you’re dribbling at speed make sure you use the outside of your foot or top of your foot to dribble when the opponent is closer by. Dribbling using the outside of your foot will give you more control over the ball, which is crucial if you want to get past a player.

Mistake 2 – Control

Having control over the ball is a necessity. What most players do is they’ll push the ball far from them when an opponent is nearby leading to loss of possession.

Keep the ball closer to your feet when you’re dribbling at speed or when the opponent is closer to you.

The only time you can push the ball far from you is when you have enough space or when you’re about to shoot. Having proper control is crucial, this takes practice and eventually, you’ll get to know when to push the ball far and when to keep it close.

Mistake 3 – Not Looking Up

Are you the one staring at the ball all the time when it is under your feet? Stop doing it, having fixed eye contact with the ball will not help you. You might get cornered, the ball might go out of play or you might lose a chance to pass to your teammate who was in a good position to score a goal.

You need to look up strategically when you’re dribbling, it’ll help you assess the situation & change your style. But don’t look up all the time, do it strategically without losing the ball at your feet.

Mistake 4 – Lack of Variety

Not knowing enough dribbling techniques will cost you a lot. Dribbling in a straight line is great but you should also master turning at speed, shoulder-drop, weave & zag, cutting and pivoting, and quick touch if you want to be a master dribbler.

Mistake 5 – Presence of Mind

The most common mistake made by almost every player, not knowing when to dribble. You should keep an eye on the ball & on the other players too, only then you’ll know when to dribble. Not dribbling when you should and dribbling when you shouldn’t cost you dearly.

Watch a lot of games, look at the players, check when they’re under-dribbling or when they’re over-dribbling, this will help you avoid this mistake.

Step-By-Step Guide to Dribble the Soccer Ball

Step 1 – Use Your Arms

Even though soccer is played with feet, your arms play a major role while dribbling. It gives you balance when you’re dribbling at speed, it’ll help you hold your ground when the opponents are trying to stop you.

Use your arms to push your opponents away or to keep them from taking the ball from your feet.

Step 2 – Maintain Your Centre of Gravity

The most important thing to remember when you’re dribbling is to keep your body centered and balanced. Having a poor centre of gravity will make you tumble even on the slightest tackle. You must maintain a good athletic position to keep your balance.

Shifting your body weight is critical while dribbling, it’ll help you cut and change directions quickly. To do that, make sure you don’t slouch your body, stand up straight & lean forward slightly & bend your knees to maintain your center of gravity.

Step 3 – Tap the Ball Frequently

When you’re dribbling while running forward, make sure to touch the ball frequently using your dominant leg. But be careful with the force you exert, if you touch the ball too hard, you might lose your position.

If you exert very little force, you’ll not be able to move forward. So, tap the ball frequently with optimal force to move forward and maintain control.

Step 4 – Change the Directions

Don’t travel in a straight line while dribbling, keep changing your directions. To do that, you need to use the outside of your foot, keep the ball closer to you & use your eyes strategically to get around the defenders.

Your shoulders can also be a great help you to misguide defenders & change your direction effectively. Drop your shoulder, anticipate your defenders to move the other way and you can dribble the ball to get past him with ease.

Step 5 – Feet and Eye Coordination

Your eyes and feet should communicate if you want to be a better dribbler. You’ll lose the ball if you keep looking up, you’ll miss a crucial pass if you keep looking at your feet.

Having the right Feet and Eye coordination is crucial, keep them in sync, and use your eyes strategically. Keep looking for spaces when you’re dribbling, maintain the right sync to effectively dribble past the defender.

Always, make sure to lift your knees high, it’ll help you gain momentum and you can effortlessly dribble at speed.

Practice, Practice & Practice

These are the basic things you must know about dribbling. But if you want to truly master it, you must keep on practicing. Perform various drills like weaving between cones, zig-zig slalom, Fast-feet drills & more to improve your dribbling skills.

Follow this tutorial and one day you’ll be a world-renowned dribbler cheered by millions of fans around the world.

Always remember, to use your arms, maintain your balance, keep your head up, and have good eye-foot coordination.