How to Hide Apps on iPhone

How to Hide Apps on iPhone
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Are you someone who loves to keep things organized? Then this article is the one you need. No one loves to keep their home screen filled with Apps. Though we love using multiple applications for various purposes, it can sometimes be frustrating when the apps crowd up the home screen.

There is no doubt about the storage capacity offered by iPhones. This leads us to download multiple apps, which end up cluttering our phone’s interface.

Can we hide apps on iPhones?

Yes, we can. Not just the home screen, iPhones let you hide apps from Siri suggestions, App store purchase history, and more.

Not every time we will be using all the apps we downloaded, but that doesn’t mean you must delete them. In this article, you’ll learn how to hide apps we barely use and make your iPhone interface clean and organized.

How to Hide Apps on the Home Screen?

Is your home screen cluttered with apps that you need but barely use? If you’re running iOS 14 or later, you can remove apps from the home screen and hide them in the App library.

Here’s how you do it.

Step 1 – Press and hold the application icon you want to hide from the home screen.

hiding apps on home screen

Step 2 – Click ‘Remove app’ from the following menu. Doing that will trigger the following menu.

removing app from the home screen

Step 3 – Click ‘Remove from Home Screen’ to hide the app from the home screen. You can follow the same steps for all the apps.

How do I find the hidden app and add it again to the home screen?

Simple, all the hidden apps will be located in the App Library. Just access the App library, search for the hidden app and add it back to your home screen.

How to Hide Apps From iPhone Search?

Though you’ve hidden your apps from the home screen, iPhone search option or Siri suggestions might reveal the app you’ve hidden in the App Library.

iPhone’s AI tracks your daily usage, and if you’ve used the hidden app, there are high chances it might show up in search or suggestions.

So, here’s how you hide apps from search and Siri suggestions.

Step 1 – Open ‘Settings’ and click Siri & Search.

hiding apps from iphone search

Step 2 – Now, you’ll see a list of installed apps. Scroll and click the app you want to hide, which will display the following menu. To hide the apps from Search, turn off Show App in Search and Show Content is Search.

While searching setting in iPhone for hiding apps

Step 3 – To hide the apps from Siri Suggestions, turn off these 4 options,

  • Learn from this app.
  • Show on Home Screen.
  • Suggest App.
  • Suggestion Notification.

hiding apps from Siri suggestions

Now the hidden app will not show up on Search and Suggestions. To unhide the app, repeat the same process and just Enable the toggles you turned off.

How to Hide Multiple Apps or an Entire Page of Apps?

If your home screen is cluttered with many apps that you barely use, there is a simple option to hide all the apps at the same time instead of doing it individually, which will cost you time.

So, organize all the apps in a single home page that you wish to hide. Now follow these simple steps to hide the entire page at once to make your interface clean.

Step 1 – Tap and hold an empty space on the page that you want to hide.

You’ll notice all the apps shaking, this shows that the page has entered the Edit mode.

hiding multiple apps or an entire page of apps

Step 2 – Do you notice the dots on the bottom of your page. Tap and hold it.

Now you’ll see an overview of all your home screens with check marks beneath them. The checkmark is the indication that the page is visible.

Overview of home screens with apps with check marks beneath them

Step 3 – To hide the page, just uncheck it; the page will not appear on your home screen when you swipe through it.

To unhide it, just repeat the same process until you see an overview of your home page and then enable the checkmark again – the page will be unhidden.

Can Hiding Apps on iPhone Prevent Someone from Mirroring Your Phone?

Hiding apps on iPhone is not an effective way to stop phone mirroring. To prevent someone from mirroring your phone, you can enable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth restrictions, enable screen time passcode, and limit ad tracking. These methods can help you stop phone mirroring on your iPhone.

How to Hide the Apps Within the App Folder?

Consider this as a miniature version of the previous method. Instead of organizing all the apps on a single page and hiding it, here we’ll create an app folder, add apps to the folder and then hide it.

Here’s how you do it,

Step 1Create a new app folder on your home screen.

Step 2 – Tap and hold on an empty space on the home screen to enter the edit mode.

Now drag the app you want to hide and drop it into your created app folder.

hiding apps within the app folder

Step 3 – Here’s the trick – only the apps on the first page of the folder will be visible on the home screen.

So, open the App folder, drag the app to the right, and push it to the next page. The second page will be hidden from the home screen.

dragging the app from the app folder to hide

You can create up to twelve pages in an App folder and add apps on all the pages.

Though this might not be a secure way to hide apps like the previous methods, you can still do it to declutter your home screen and make it look organized.

These are some of the ways you can use to hide apps on your iPhone.


One way or the other, we are all are neat freaks who love to keep things organized and clean. No one likes to look at their iPhone crowded with apps we barely use.

Not just one, there are four different ways in iPhone to hide your apps and keep your home screen aesthetically pleasing. We showed all the four ways you can use to hide your apps in this article. Follow the simple steps to hide your apps and keep your home screen organized.

The best practice is to create a specific folder and move all the apps to that folder. For example – you can create a folder named ‘Game’ and migrate all the game applications to that folder.

Or we only use certain apps on a daily/regular basis. So, organize all the important apps on the first page of your home screen. This will make your home screen minimalistic and organized at the same time.

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