How to Hang Christmas Lights Around Windows

Hang Christmas Lights Around Windows
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Preparations for Christmas can now be seen everywhere. Whether or not you’ve had your first snowfall of the season, it won’t be long until households start decorating for the holidays. Homeowners often turn to Christmas decorations to get into the season’s spirit. Concerning holiday lighting, you’re not short on alternatives.

In what ways would you like the house to stand out? It’s the awning. What’s up with the soffit? The downspouts? So, how about the glass? Decorating your windows with Christmas lights is a great way to highlight the angles in your paneling and draw attention to your window casings.

Hanging lights on Windows is just as simple as decorating a Christmas tree with lights. To learn the tried and true method and exclusive advice, read on. You must accomplish a few steps below before we get into the step-by-step instructions.

Measure the Windows, Obviously

Before you start stringing Christmas lights, draw out your plan so you can estimate how many light wires you’ll need. It is important to take measurements of the windows and other areas where lighting will be installed.

Counting how many hooks you’ll need for each window is also important. Generally speaking, you only need between five and eight hooks. However, this is only a rough estimate. Choose white or clear hooks if you’d like them to blend in.

Choose Miniature Lights

We know you must go all out this Christmas and make a big impression. However, by using smaller lights, you can prevent them from being too noticeable through the glass. Our number one recommendation is to select little bulbs. Larger ones are an option if that suits your needs better. Another cool thing to do is make the lights twinkle and add some extra funky look.

The adorable mini lights will still provide unprecedented illumination for your dwelling. It’s undeniably enjoyable to use these lights to illuminate your windows. Instead of blinding brightness, you’ll be treated to a delightful glimmer when you switch them on.

LED bulbs are more efficient and brighter than incandescent bulbs and smaller in size. If you want your windows to look especially beautiful, opt for white LED lights that have a blue tinge.

Use Gutter Hooks

Why not take advantage of the gutter if it is located beneath your window? Gutter hooks make it simple to hang curtain-style lighting over windows. Gutter hooks are all you need to get started with your display because they simply attach to your gutter without leaving any marks or damage.

It’s easy and quick to thread lights downwards from here. See the attached video for a demonstration of the gutter hooks in action.

Use Wire Suckers

The wire suckers are the perfect solution if you don’t want to drill into your windows or connect anything to your home to hang lights. Depending on the type of exhibit you’re making, this long-lasting substance can be utilized either indoors or outside.

When removed, it won’t leave any marks on the glass, and we even have new, larger wire suckers for exhibits that need them. Let’s turn you into a pro at hanging Christmas lights across windows by teaching you exactly what you require and how to use it.

Can the Same Method be Used to Hang Christmas Lights as Well as Store Them?

When it comes to the best Christmas light storage solutions, the same method can be used for hanging them as well. Invest in a sturdy reel or storage box to keep your lights tangle-free and organized. This will make both hanging and storing your Christmas lights a breeze.

Hang Christmas Lights Around Windows – 3 Steps

Step 1: Making A Plan and Preparation

After putting in the effort, visualize how your windows will look. Verify that it harmonizes with the style of your home. How would you describe the style you’re going for? Traditional and cozy, or daring and vivid? Decide how you want to decorate for Christmas, but make sure it’s something that everyone can enjoy.

We are curious as to what you can do with your resources, both monetarily and in terms of electricity. It’s the first thing people want to know while shopping for new bulbs. While putting up Christmas lights is a risk-free pastime, you should still take precautions. Verify that there are no interruptions and that everyone is secure.

Before you go holiday shopping, measure your windows to see what would fit. You want your Christmas lights to fit snugly and flawlessly. There’s no point in having unnecessary illumination if it costs you money.

One way to find out how far away your nearest outlet is from your windows is to use a measuring tape. Don’t forget to think about the vertical dimension as well as the horizontal one. If possible, include some buffer space in your measurement.

You’ll need to figure out how many hooks and how long of lights will be required for each window. Take the necessary measurements by measuring the frames.

Step 2: Lights, Hooks, and Tools

Check to see whether or not your lights are functioning properly. Have the store employees try it out for you if you purchase it there. Even older lights should be checked for functionality.

  • Make sure you’re using effective hooks for your purposes.
  • Stapling using a staple gun is dependable but cumbersome to undo later.
  • A cup sucker is less stable but simpler to set up and take down.
  • If you have windows next to your gutters, you should invest in a gutter hook.
  • Cup hooks must be drilled into, but they’re secure once in place.
  • The flexible plastic hook is aesthetically pleasing.

Before heading out to the store, don’t forget to stock up on any supplies you might need. Get everything you need, including tools, set up safely after you’re done.

Step 3: Attaching and Hang the lights

Use a staple gun to fasten the lights to the interior of the window casing. Begin at the corner of the bottom interior frame nearest the extension cord and work your way up. Staples should be positioned such that their arms overlap the light’s chord rather than pierce it. Light strands with excess length should be doubled and stapled together.

The Final Thoughts

The question of how to hang Christmas lights around a window has been solved in this article. Decorating with Christmas lights is a great way to draw attention to your home throughout Christmas. With the appropriate hardware, windows can be converted into excellent lighting fixtures.

Think about the insulating and power generation of your old windows before you decorate them for the holidays. If your current windows let in too much cold air, you should consider Feldco replacement windows. Plenty of options mentioned above will work for your Christmas decor.

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