How to Store Christmas Lights – Top 5 Ways

Storing Christmas Lights
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Get sick of wasting time every year untangling the Christmas lights you put up? Keeping them in these ways will make using them next year a breeze. The Christmas decorations should be put away now that the celebrations are over.

Do yourself a favor and put the lights away neatly so you won’t have to deal with tangles and aggravation next December. It will be very helpful and save you extra effort the next time you want to put lights on your Christmas tree. Here are five easy methods to help you finish the project without fuss.

Cardboard Cut-Out

We can put to good use the (undoubtedly) countless boxes that will be arriving from here and there during the holiday season. Here are some clever ways to put those cardboard boxes to use:

  • To begin, cut a sheet of cardboard into a rectangle. A size of about 30 centimeters by 15 centimeters (about 12 inches by 6 inches) would work well. This piece of cardboard should be thicker than normal, ideally coming from a box of some sort. If the cardboard isn’t sturdy enough, the lights will buckle as you wrap them.
  • Make a slit in the cardboard. Hopefully, this is large enough to tuck in the light’s other end. This approach is applicable whether the cut is on the length or breadth dimension.
  • It would help if you rounded the rectangle with lights. Take your time carefully, moving from side to side if necessary. Next year, you can remove the wrapping paper with ease.
  • When you’re done, cut a second notch wherever the opposite end of the lights is located. The second one should be finished by tucking the end into the corresponding notch.
  • It would help if you protected the light bulbs by wrapping them with tissue paper. Wrap the cardboard with a couple of layers of tissue paper to prevent the lights from being damaged. They will be less likely to suffer damage when stored in this manner.

It is also an excellent way to store other things like strings, wires, and long ribbons you use to decorate your Christmas tree.

Use Clothes Hangers

Your Christmas lights won’t get tangled or destroyed if you store them in a closet when they’re not in use. Most conveniently, a simple clothes hanger is all that’s required for this technique. Follow the steps below.

  • To begin, safely secure one side of the light thread in one of the hanger’s strap holders.
  • Wrap the light strand securely around the hanger’s bottom and top.
  • Once you get to the other end of the strand, you’ll understand what to do.
  • Simply hang your holiday coat rack on the hooks and go.

Wrap Lights Around a Cable Winder

Keeping your lights organized is as simple as picking up a cable winder (or reel). To create a space-saving storage solution, simply wind your lights as tightly as feasible around the item. This will prevent tangles and is a space-saving solution because they can be stored vertically.

To keep your Christmas lights in position as much as conceivable, it is recommended that you acquire a cable winder with grips on both sides. Furthermore, if you’re seeking a 2-in-1 solution, several of the best Christmas tree storage bags include winders.

Pringles Tubes

Pringles tubes that have been previously used make great holders for holiday lights. One of the best things about a Pringles tube is that you can utilize the space inside to keep small items like clips or spare light bulbs organized and within easy reach. As a first step, put one end of the light cable through an “X” cut into the transparent top. To avoid damaging the lights, gently roll them around the tube from top to bottom.

Then, insert the cable’s opposite end into the slit you made in the tube cap. After the holiday season, use sticky tape and a pen to indicate where each light strip belongs. To make your light string longer, you can use the board roll from a new roll of wrapping paper. Just thread the string of lights all around the cardboard roll and put the tails inside the tube, sealing it with tape.

Try the Ball and Bag Method

This approach is straightforward but not necessarily easy. (Your Christmas lights can’t just be thrown in a box and forgotten!) If you don’t carefully wrap and store each strand separately, you’ll end up with a knotted mess next year. Start by collecting a plastic bag for each set of lights.

Disconnect each strand of Christmas lights from the others. The dominant hand should hold the female end of the thread as you begin to weave the ends around your fist to form a tiny ball. Five or six rounds through this pattern. Don’t force, bend or fold the cable, or you could break it.

Wrap the cord until only a few inches remain, and then take the ball out of your hand. Simply plug the male tip into the female socket. Separate the lights into individual bags and store them in a larger box or the compartments of a door-mounted storage rack.

Can the Top 5 Ways to Store Christmas Lights Help Keep Cats Away From Christmas Trees?

When it comes to keeping cats away from Christmas trees, the top 5 ways to store Christmas lights can actually help. Using storage methods like coiling lights neatly around cardboard or using specialized storage containers can prevent your feline friends from being tempted to play with the lights and the tree.

The Ideal Location for Holiday Lighting Storage

There are a few things to remember when deciding how to store Christmas lights so that you can get the most use out of them for many seasons.

Before you do anything else, find a spot that doesn’t get damp too often and place them there. A climate-controlled room is the best place to keep your holiday lights and decorations. Locations that maintain a constant temperature and humidity level all year round are also ideal for storage.

It would help if you also put them away somewhere they won’t be disturbed too often. Put decorations for the holidays in a stable spot so they won’t have to be moved yearly. Less handling means less chance of damage.

The Final Thoughts

The question of where to put Christmas lights throughout the offseason is addressed here. Putting up Christmas lights is a certain way to feel more festive. Anyone who has ever installed them knows what a pain it can be to get them all out and untangled.

Several strategies have been shown above to assist you in avoiding frustration and getting into the holiday mood while you arrange your Christmas lights.

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