How to Keep Cats Away From Christmas Tree

Keep Cats Away From Christmas Tree
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The holidays are wonderful, but if this is your first Christmas with a cat, you may encounter an unexpected complication: a cat that won’t stop climbing your Christmas tree. Keeping cats away from Christmas trees can feel like an impossible task, especially when you have done some hard work decorating the Christmas tree with lights.

Fortunately, that is not the case. This article will discuss strategies that have been shown to be effective in keeping your cat away from the Christmas tree and provide some advice on how to cat-proof your tree. It’s in your best interest to employ as many strategies as possible.

Select Decorations that Your Cats are less Likely to Find Attractive

Some decorations will be hard to resist, especially those with glitters, shine, dangle, and shimmer. There won’t be as much interest from your cat in darker, less shiny, or flat, matte toys that don’t dangle much. Basic felt, paper, and other decorations might be the finest option. Stay away from anything that swings wildly or spins rapidly.

  • Plastic ornaments are a good alternative to glass ones because they are more durable. Find bulbs and decorations that won’t break easily.
  • Instead of just suspending the ornament from the hook shape given, wrap the wire ornament hook around the branch.
  • Never hang catnip-filled ornaments from the tree. If you do that, your cat will likely start climbing the tree.

Wrap Your Tree Base With Aluminum Foil

Aluminum foil is an efficient barrier to keep cats away from a Christmas tree. Cover the tree in aluminum foil, including the trunk and the ground. Most cats dislike the sound and texture of foil, so they’ll avoid coming near the tree. Keep your cat from getting into the water in the tree stand by taping some aluminum foil over the opening.

Use Repellant Sprays

You can prevent cats from damaging your Christmas tree by spraying it with a cat-repellent spray. You can protect your home from your cat without worrying about a lingering odor that could be offensive to humans. You might also try a citrus spray, as the smell of citrus is known to deter cats.

You can also try spraying some apple cider vinegar around the house to keep the cats away. To repel insects from a plastic tree, shake a few drops of Citronella oil into a spray bottle of water and sprinkle the tree. The cat will find the scent repulsive, but you will see it as light and citrusy.

Pile some pine cones you’ve sprayed with Citronella and place them at the tree’s base. Pine cones are not suitable walking surfaces for feline feet.

Secure Your Tree

Your cat may still climb the tree at Christmas despite your best efforts to keep it out. Secure it firmly if you don’t want your curious cat to knock over the entire tree. Use a sturdy tree stand from the get-go, or supplement the weight with a lesser stand, to keep the tree planted firmly.

The tree stand can be further stabilized by being fastened to a thick sheet of plywood. Keep the tree close to a wall for optimal effect. To keep the tree standing, secure it to the wall or ceiling with a single strand or clear fishing nets at the top.

Train Your Cat to Stay Out of the Christmas Tree

Cats love Christmas trees, especially the ones with twinkling lights on them. Cats may be taught to respond to basic orders and find more appropriate ways to satiate their wants and requirements. Teach your cat that avoiding the holiday décor yields positive results.

For sitting quietly near the tree, playing correctly with their own toys close to the tree, or walking far away from the tree whenever called, reward them with a favorite treat, vocal praise, play activity, stroking, or anything they love.

Choose The Right Christmas Tree

Real trees pose a risk to cats, so keep that in mind if you’re planning on getting one. Pine tree needles are toxic and should not be consumed by humans. Cats can be interested, but drinking water from a tree can be dangerous because it often contains pesticides used to maintain the tree’s freshness.

Put a tree covering over the water bowl or put it somewhere they can’t get to it. If you have a sneaky cat, it’s best to find a simpler way around the problem. You can pack up a fake tree when the holiday is over and store it away for next year. If you don’t want to buy a fake tree, you can decorate your Christmas tree with ribbons can also be less likely to be attacked by cats.

Citrus Is Your Friend

Since cats despise citrus, placing peels around the tree’s base can deter them from attempting to climb up and steal the presents under the tree. Even the most interested cat will be frightened off by the potent odor released by the peels.

Offer an Alternative

A cat’s instinct is to seek out lofty places to survey its surroundings, which is why trees hold such a special allure for felines. Get your cat an early present from Santa by requesting a cat tree. You can find a wide variety of cat trees for sale online at prices that won’t break the bank. If your cat avoided the prohibited Christmas tree in favor of her kitty condo, be sure to lavish her with praise.

Can Hanging Christmas Lights Around Windows Deter Cats from the Christmas Tree?

Yes, hanging Christmas lights around windows can deter cats from the Christmas tree. The bright lights and the barrier created by the hanging Christmas lights around windows can keep curious cats away from the tree, preventing any potential mischief or accidents.

Other Important Safety Tips

In no conditions should tinsel be utilized! Cats can’t get enough of these tasty little foil strips. They are extremely harmful to your cat’s digestive system if swallowed. See veterinary attention immediately if you see a string or other foreign object protruding from your cat’s mouth, throat, or nares.

  • Put ornaments that are sensitive or easily broken near the top of the tree.
  • Avoid edible decorations (particularly popcorn garlands, which can be just as hazardous as tinsel).
  • If you have a live tree, put cardboard over the top of the pot to prevent your pets from ingesting the water.
  • Be sure to cover up extension wires when using holiday lighting. The (teaser) cables from the tree to the ground can be taped down or secured using pre-cut cord tubing, both of which can be purchased at your local hardware store. When pets are left unattended, unplug all decorations.

The Final Thoughts

We’ve answered the question of how to keep cats away from the Christmas tree in this article. Having a cat and a Christmas tree simultaneously is not impossible. Some forethought and rearrangement may be required.

Some strategies for preventing your cat from damaging your holiday decorations during the holidays are provided above. The measures mentioned earlier are only some of the prevention strategies that may be taken to ensure that your cat stays away from the Christmas décor.

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